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All work issuing from the offices of Vconnect Asia is subject to through and detailed research to ensure its accuracy and reliability.
This facility is also available to clients as a stand-alone service in the event research is required for matters not directly related to the scope of engagement

Solidarity and a common alignment of goals are the foundations of any successful organization. And in many cases, training is the only way to effectively disseminate common ideas or practices.

Speech Writing & Press Releases
A special service for leaders to complement and tie-in with any policy or strategy that may have been identified. Also a convenience that will permit the freeing up of the leader’s time and resources which could be better spent on more crucial concerns.
The drafting and preparation of Press releases and other articles for print or publication are also included in this service, either to complement an ongoing engagement or as a stand-alone service.

Tracking & Monitoring of Issues
Especially useful for keeping track of progress or as part of a long-term campaign. Also available as a stand-alone service.

Planning & Strategy
Product Development, Development Strategy & Consumer Marketing

Corporate Communications
Public Relations
Information Integration
Inline Communications
Crisis Communications

Publicity & Events
Advertising & Media Services
Promotions & Events

Public Affairs
Networking - Creating Partnerships
Government Relations